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Free: 1. October 2014 Wallpaper – Blue Shell
Hello Readers,
Truly speaking, i don’t know what to do anymore because one moment i am all ready to stop working on this blog permanently and in the next moment, i have so many ideas i want to try, that i cannot contain myself.
I am not good at writing, so there will be very little on general article and tutorials of any kind but the blog is more focused on my drawings collection, photo collection, novel reviews and digital art collection (which, BTW, i have just started to learn)
As there is so much to showcase here, i have this simple homepage where you can find the list of recent and yearly archives of all post. You can also go to particular section using the navigation bar above. Click on the name itself to get the total post on the subject or select the sub-division for more options on the particular topic.
Thank you again for visiting my blog.

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P.S. You will see i am very much active and posting articles left and right and some months will be so slow that you will think this blog is not in use. So, please bear with me :)